Student Council

Sponsor: Rachel Schurman



Student Council is a student organization dedicated to represent their student body through...



  • Setting a positive course for others to follow

  • Developing and expanding leadership knowledge and skills in their members and other students

  • Exploring and practicing democratic principles, active citizenship, and providing opportunities for others to do so


  • Striving to build an environment of caring through volunteerism

  • Creating opportunities for members to serve within the school and community

  • Incorporating elements of service learning into their service activities to support improving students' academic strengths



  • Acting as the voice of their student body and serving as the link between the students and the school

  • Giving every member of the student body a chance to express his/her ideas, concerns, or opinions

  • Sharing ideas, concerns, and solutions through positive communications



  • Sponsoring activities, projects, and events that are fully accessible and inclusive to all students

  • Working to make every student feel welcome and a part of school life

  • Fostering a safe and inviting culture for all students


By implementing the following summits...

Summit 1: Voice

Students answer the question, "What's on your mind?" and generate a list of issues and concerns that are important to them.

Summit 2: Recommendations

Students answer the question, "What should we do?" and make recommendations for action.


Summit 3: Response

Students answer the question, "What is your response to the plan?" and provide feedback to improve the plan.


Summit 4: Implementation

Students answer the question, "How can we make our plan a reality?" and volunteer to be involved in carrying it out.


(This information was taken from the NASC/NASSP, RSVP School Implementation Guide, 2007)