Dear Students and Parents,


          Reading during the summer is the key to keeping your brain in tip top shape.  When students do not continue to read throughout the break they lose the skills that they have worked hard to build up all year.  In an effort to help our ILTexas students, the following is our Summer Reading Program for 2016.  Each grade level will read two novels and complete the attached worksheet for them both.  These documents and the reading lists are also available on our school website.  Students will turn in their assignments on the first day of school.

Summer Reading Program

1st Grade

  • Coming Soon!

2nd Grade

  • Coming Soon!

3rd Grade

  • Coming Soon!

4th Grade

  • Coming Soon!

5th Grade

  • Coming Soon!


Summer Assignments

6th Grade

  • Coming Soon!


7th Grade


8th Grade ELA

English I



Happy Reading!