K-5 School Supply Lists (2015-16)


Click below to download the school supply list. The list runs from Kinder to 5th grade.


For all three grade levels:  Please have binder organized prior to day 1 of school.  Place dividers in binder labeling the tabs for each course for which you are enrolled.  Place notebook paper behind each divider so when school starts you are prepared to start taking notes.


The only items that should be in your backpack will be your binder (with the pencil pouch holding supply items), when issued - your chromebook (with adaptor), and gym clothes.  This will allow your backpack to fit inside the cubbies in the classrooms (backpacks not to be kept at desks).  You will need to be organized.


Suggested resources to have on hand for home use:

dictionary, glue sticks, scissors, colored pencils, ruler, notebook paper, pencils


6th School Supply List (2015-16)


ELA                          2 composition books (one will stay in class and one at home as their home writing journal)


Chinese                     1 100 page composition notebook

                                  1 pack of blank index cards

                                  1 packet of color construction paper (will stay in classroom)

                                  1 box of tissues (for the classroom)


Spanish                     2 100 page composition notebooks (one for semester 1 and one stays home until semester 2)

                                  1 pack Large Manila paper (will stay in classroom)


Science                     3 spirals for year (one to be placed behind science divider in binder)

                                  1 pair of scissors (to be kept in pencil pouch)

                                  2 Glue sticks (to be kept in pencil pouch)

                                  2 rolls of paper towels


Math                         1 pack of graph paper (3 hole punched – to be kept in classroom)


Reading                     1 RED 3-pronged pocket folder

                                   200 index cards (give to teacher)

                                   1 yellow highlighter (kept in pencil pouch)

                                   2 Red grading pens (kept in pencil pouch)                

                                   2 blue or black ink pens (kept in pencil pouch)

                                   2 glue sticks (kept in pencil pouch)

                                   1 box of sandwich sized zip lock baggies (give to teacher for keeping flashcards organized)


Social Studies            1 subject spiral note book

                                   1 package of note cards


Some items (scissors, glue sticks, colored pencils) will be used in multiple classes.

7th Grade School Supply List (2015-16)


  • 1.5” 3-Ring Binder with clear sleeve for student to insert a paper front/back

  • 2 single subject notebooks  (Chinese/Spanish)

  • Pencil Pouch

  • 12 #2 pencils

  • 12 color pencils

  • 2 yellow highlighters

  • ball point pens (blue, red, black) – 2 of each

  • 1 enclosed pencil sharpener

  • Pencil top erasers

  • Pink pearl eraser

  • Dividers – 2 packs of 5

  • Package of college rule notebook paper (100 sheets)

  • Tissue box

  • Antibacterial hand gel/hand sanitizer

  • 1 ream of standard copy paper

8th Grade School Supply List (2015-16)


ELA                             3 Subject Notebook and Composition notebook


Chinese                        1 Composition Notebook, Index Cards, Package of Construction Paper to stay in classroom


Spanish                        1 Spiral notebook, 2 glue sticks, Index cards


Science                        1 Composition book 100 sheets, (NOT the Spiral) 9.75” by 7.5”


Social Studies              2 Composition books (NOT Spiral, stay in class), Index cards, Roll of Paper Towels, and 2 boxes of                                                                                      tissues, these items can be purchased at any Dollar store.


Math                            2 Box of Tissues and a Spiral Tablet


Reading Recovery       1 composition book (NOT Spiral which will stay in class), a folder with prongs and pockets